Why are we here?
By Hitch


Why are we here,…that is a pretty profound question. Especially from me, Hitch, a trainee rock star, is it not?


Is it a subject I should even touch?? What could I possibly know about why we are here?


My only qualification to pass some comment is put simply, that I attended the university of life. You should know I am officially an educational university dropout, much to my parent’s angst. But not to worry, I have done well in life because I believe in the power of dreams. This is my meaning of life, to share with all, dreams, no matter how big or how small are worth following. With my wife have constantly dreamed the new sections in our lives. Most have surprisingly come true.


With these goals, visions, dreams, call it what you want I have managed to succeed better than I ever thought possible. I was a pretty gawky kid who loved rock music, particularly live, but did not have the self-confidence to do anything about it. Deep down I so wanted to be that lead singer connecting with a fired up restless energy of the audience. The only singing career I ever had was resolutely stationed in the choir of the local church!


My dad was a well-known orthopaedic surgeon and I had a good start in life but frankly I spurned that opportunity. I wanted to make my own way. Hey I am also from Liverpool for heaven’s sake.


Despite that powerful dream of wanting to front a band, it stayed locked away in my mind. So, I did what everyone does and went into a normal job working in the pharmaceutical industry.


Over the years the university of life has taught me an important lesson. If you dream it, you can achieve it. Set the dream, do not think about how you are going to achieve it. Release the massive power of your sub-conscious to go out and make it happen. I promise if you try this, good things will happen and you will achieve much more than you think is possible.


I spent most of my career working for a pharmaceutical Company and at the tender age of 43 thought I was an entrepreneur. My wife and I had a new dream.


We set up a contract sales organisation company (CSO), which we called AmDel. AmDel stood for Ambition Delivered, clients, staff and most importantly patients. We wanted to help all of the people we worked with achieve their dreams. If we created the right product with fantastic people and unleash the power of the subconscious, we can win and win big.


It worked for several years very successfully. Unfortunately, a dramatic change had occurred in the CSO Market and I did not see it coming or in honesty I did not understand was taking place.


The Result.


AmDel went down with pretty much everything we had and us owing a lot of money to friends and family.


So, now you may be thinking…this dreaming thing does not really work, does it?


Well as they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


We retrenched, set a new vision and off we went. One of the most important things we realised is to have the right dream. It is easy to get carried away and not realise you are off in the wrong direction.


Several companies later we are ok. Life is good. We paid back everyone we owed money to, and semi-retire to the lovely Island of Cyprus. We enjoy the sun, the beaches, the hospitality and of course the booze!! That’s what many do.


But not us!


I have a major dream to fulfil which has been 58 years in the making. “Crazy” (according to my wife) and “why can’t you be a normal dad” (according to our youngest daughter)


The Dream?


You know it coz you are now on the website….!


I dream of writing music that touches people like great music has touched me over the years.


Everyone has a soundtrack of their lives. I have one. We all have one. I wanna write and perform music. When we are sad, we listen to music, when we are happy, we listen to music when we are stressed, we listen to music, often when we turn the lights out, we listen to music. When we are really lucky, we go and listen, watch and absorb at live music events. Music gives us real energy.


I fucking love rock.


For those that love rock, lets journey together.


So back to the title. Why are we here? There are many philosophical reasons. To procreate. To do the will of God. To survive. To Conquer. To Lead. Many, many different reasons. But I believe all of us want one small thing in reality.


To be happy.


To enjoy ourselves and be with others who also enjoy themselves.


The important thing is to start dreaming, think, understand what makes us happy and unleash your potential. Aim high and enjoy the journey.


What makes me happy, apart form my lovely wife, kids, horses, dogs etc ??


I just wanna Rock.


I just wanna rock with you. Now I have the age. The university of life experience and the dream to pursue with energy and anger of a teenager


That is why I am here.


Hopefully with music that will make the sound track of your life …….


But most importantly for you to consider. Why are you here?? I hope it is to follow your dreams even if you hate my music, I know it might not be for everyone. But dreaming is.


Please let me know, please share you dreams with me….I will be your biggest fan on your dream quest.